Evernote Devcup Finalists 2013
  • Descktop Sample
  • Evernote PLAN

    Plan Your Travel Itineraries

    Use Evernote to research and create your travel plans. As you research, create travel notes and clip webpages from Internet. Once your notes are organised, simply import them into Xing.

  • Evernote Evernote TRAVEL

    Travel and Capture Your Memories

    When you are near a location, Xing will give you the notes and information you need for that location. It saves time by providing you with the information when you need it.

    As your travel, continue to update your travel notes and take photos. Your notes can act as your own travel diary.

  • Push message

    Share Your Memories with Friends and Family

    After the trip, share your travel experiences and memories with friends and family via Facebook and Twitter. From the notes and photos of your trip, Xing creates both stunning and beautiful web timelines for all to enjoy.

Xing is a location-based travel app with a stunning design and interface. It integrates with your Evernote account, syncing with notebooks for your various trips. Xing also reminds you of travel items when you have reached a location. It's a great traveling companion.


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